Avast Blocked Host Process for Windows Services

In many instances, users have reported that “Avast blocked host process for windows services.” This is not an uncommon occurrence or error in Windows. The issue of “avast blocked host process for windows services” is a frequent occurrence to many users.

However, in many cases, the error lacks an error code or descriptive information making it difficult to understand or analyze. You won’t immediately understand what happened or why the host process for Windows service stopped, or what it means if it stops working.

What Is The Host Process?

Host Process for Windows service is an official and legitimate Microsoft core process. The host process took over from previous internal Windows services that were running the exe files.

Put simply, Host Process for Windows service (Svchost.exe) is a generic name for host process services that run from dll or dynamic-link libraries files.

The Service Host process in Windows serves as a shell for loading Windows services from DLL files. Using the host process, services are organized into related groups, with each group running inside a different instance of the Service Host Process. This ensures that a problem in one Windows instance doesn’t proceed to affect other instances.

How Can I Fix Avast Blocked Host Process for Windows Services?

Avast’s blocked host process for Windows services is a common occurrence, just like when the host process for windows services has suddenly stopped. However, you can fix the issue and continue running your programs as usual.

When avast blocks the service host process, consider disabling Avast’s behavior shield or setting the host process as an exclusion.

To disable the behavior shield:

  • Avast GUI -> Settings -> Components -> Behavior Shield

Note: Before you disable the behavior shield, you may want to conduct a full system scan to ensure the host process for Windows that Avast blocked is not a virus. If it’s a virus, you should remove it from your PC.

Disable Behavior Shield

Why Has Avast Blocked The Host Process for Windows Services?

Avast is a strong and professional antivirus program that helps to block malware, viruses, and other potential programs. Sometimes it can detect and flag the Host Process for Windows Services as a virus or a threat to your PC. In such a case, Avast will block Host Process for Windows Services.

If Avast blocks the host process, you can only applaud Avast for doing a good job.

Sometimes, Avast can genuinely block a virus or malware program camouflaged in your computer as the host process for Windows services. This is a case where Avast is genuinely doing great work in defending your PC.

When you see multiple Runtime broker using much CPU on your PC, it could be also a virus.

Is The Host Process for Windows Services A Virus?

Host Process for Windows Services is not a virus but a safe, genuine Windows system file. It is a process that helps to host or contains other individual Windows services that the Windows system uses to perform various functions such as Windows Defender and Windows Update as a service.

However, writers of viruses or malware programs can deliberately give their malicious processes the same file name to evade detection. Additionally, since it is an executable file, the host process is vulnerable to malware attack.

Sometimes, you may also notice that there is more than one Svchost.exe running on the Task Manager. This means that you have many processes that run your system’s dll files, and they’re running in the background. However, you need to be careful and check all of them because some may be virus or malware programs.

Final Word

If you’ve been wondering why Avast is blocking the host process for Windows services on your PC, we believe now you know why. We also believe you know how you can solve the issue.

If you have any other questions, kindly share them with us in the comments section to add them to these frequently asked questions (FAQs).