Windows 10 Error 0xc000012f

Error 0xc000012f is a Windows 10 application error that users encounter when trying to open certain applications such as Microsoft Office. Microsoft says that error 0xc000012f means that your PC lacks the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files needed for the affected programs.

During updates, Windows searches your PC’s database and automatically includes these files to enable you to run those specific programs that need scripting. If the Visual C++

Redistributable files are missing, you will not open those programs with the resulting error code 0xc000012f.

You may see the 0xc000012f error message multiple times even after you click on “OK.” These multiple reappearances can be quite annoying, to say the least.

What is Windows 10 Error 0xc000012f?

Windows 10 Error 0xc000012f is also called a “Bad Image” error. When you encounter a Bad Image, it usually means that your PC is missing some necessary files to run certain applications or that the files have been corrupted. Usually, the missing files are dependencies of other applications or programs or even the software itself.

One of the messages that you can see when error 0xc000012f occurs is:

“C\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSVCP140.dll” is either not designed to run on Windows, or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Error status 0xc000012f.”

Note: You may see any .dll file name depending on the program you were trying to run. For example, instead of msvcp140.dll, you may see schannel.dll.

How Do I Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000012f?

Whatever causes Error 0xc000012f, you can fix it. There are several solutions you could try fixing this error. For example, installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files will help fix the error instantly. It is important that you do not disable or delete any of these .dll files to avoid causing other Microsoft programs to crash or stop working properly.

Visual C++ Redistributable

Updating your Windows system can also help install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files missing from your computer. You can also perform SFC, and DISM scans to repair any missing or corrupted system files. If you think the problem is occurring due to your antivirus program, you can temporarily disable it and check if you encounter the problem.

You can find more details and guided steps to fix the Windows 10 Error 0xc000012f and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable here in this article.

What is Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Files?

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages are files, e.g., MSVCP140.dll, that install runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries on a PC that does not have Microsoft Visual C++ installed.

The Windows system requires the Visual C++ libraries to run applications, programs, or software developed by using the corresponding version of Visual C++. Without the Visual C++ Redistributable files, these programs and applications cannot run successfully.

What Causes Error 0xc000012f?

Often, error 0xc000012f appears when the image file that the application you’re trying to run is using is not of the correct format. These files could be missing or corrupted hence causing the error.

Sometimes, third-party security software can also cause errors when they’re not compatible with the application you’re trying to run. Some users have also noted that virus or malware infection on their system caused the error. In rare cases, error 0xc000012f can occur when your PC needs an update or when the application is not correctly installed in the system.

Quality antivirus can help you check if the issues caused by malware. The same is true for such issues when Avast blocked Host Process for Windows Services or Runtime Broker is using too much CPU.

Final Word

A “bad image” error on your computer depicts poor computer hygiene. Always ensure your computer is updated and that all software and programs are installed correctly. The fixes we’ve provided in this post will help you fix the issue automatically.

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